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Release Date: October 2nd, 2015


Some of you may remember W.A.S.P. as the hard rocking, fast living, shock rock disciples of debauchery who’s rise to fame originated in the same music LA music scene that spawned such bands as Mötley Crüe, Dokken, Ratt, Quiet Riot, and Guns N' Roses. While the majority of their contemporaries have fallen by the wayside W.A.S.P. is, as a vehicle for founding member Blackie Lawless, still going strong.  There are a number of differences between the modern W.A.S.P. and that which brought us the controversial “Animal (F*ck Like A Beast)” and the overindulgent attitude of “Blind In Texas”.   

The band have released their 15th studio album entitled Golgotha. Lawless, being the only original member left at this point, exercises complete creative control over W.A.S.P. and this album is nothing short of a testament to his vision and convictions. Gone are the buzz saw cod pieces, the blood drinking, and the sexually explicit lyrics of the olden days.  The energy and passion are still there, along with Lawless’ phenomenal voice which has lost absolutely nothing in the intervening years, but the focus of the lyrical content has changed.  From the myriad forms of deviancy found in their earliest work to the somber introspection found in this album the lyrics that Mr. Lawless has crafted have taken a decidedly religious turn due to his position as a self-avowed “born again” Christian.  That’s not to say that Golgotha comes off as ‘preachy’, far from it in fact.  This album rocks as hard as W.A.S.P. ever has, musically and vocally on par with The Crimson Idol which is held by many to be the band’s greatest work. Golgotha focuses a great deal on Biblical imagery, as with such tracks as “Eyes of My Maker”, and the title track, as well as espousing political commentary as can be found in “Slaves of the New World Order", “Hero of the World” and “Shotgun”.  The entire album is solid and is a stellar example of a superb musician and songwriter who is still in his prime.  Perhaps even at the pinnacle of his abilities, as Mr. Lawless now has a deeply seated conviction to fuel his passionate creativity. 

The religious element to be found here is irrefutable, as in the chorus of the track “Golgotha” which contains the lyrics “Jesus I need you now”:  subtle as a sledge hammer, but just as powerful.  Regardless of your theological beliefs, the title track is possibly the most moving and poignant piece Lawless has ever crafted.

I guess the world will never know if W.A.S.P. really did stand for “We Are Satan’s People”.  That may or may not have once been true.  Blackie Lawless has taken a different turn with his life however and we as lovers of metal music can reap the benefits of Golgotha, which is truly an inspiring and enjoyable album.


Reviewed by: Farron1340


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