Two Hands

Search and Destroy/Spinefarm


Release Date: May 26, 2015

Do you love the Rock and Roll Revivalist movement? If Rival Sons, Scorpion Child, Wilson, The Answer, Orchid, and the like are your bag baby then Turbowolf is ready to turn it up and turn you on with Two Hands!  

This is my first experience with Turbowolf and I can’t say enough about how unique their sound is. The production is tight, crisp, and clear (unlike The Darkness whom you might be tempted to compare them too). Sharp, tight, buzzsaw guitars riff their way through each punk tempoed tune that has so much groove that there are moments where you are tempted to draw a correlation to Rage Against the Machine. Especially on my two personal favorites, the back to back “Rabbit’s Foot” and “Solid Gold,” which both sound like a funky, young Vince Neil fronting RATM. 

The band aren’t all groovy fury though, after the first four tracks they settle into a little more laid back groove that spotlights another side of their sound. The superb, “Good Hand” is the best showcase of this side of the band in my opinion. They loosen up the buzzsaw guitars while the rhythm section lay down the foundation for the anthem, allowing the vocals to really shine. "American Mirrors” has more of a Punk Rock rage to it overall but manages to work in some classic rock riffage and some psychedelia to keep it far out from the isle of predictability.

The album’s closing moment, “Pale Horse,” is the only real stumbling block for me. I love parts of the five minute burner but it just never seems to gel as well as the other tunes. So, one song that I’m not so into? That speaks volumes. This is not an album that you find favorites and skip to them after the first listen. This is a solid spark of Rock and Roll from start to finish and you’d be a worse person if you missed out on it.


Reviewed by Mark Fisher


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