Wild Moth


Iron Pier

Release date:  August 28, 2015


There are some bands that are just impossible to define.  While they have moments that fit nicely into a particular genre, as a whole they’re just not willing to play inside the same sandbox as anyone else.  Wild Moth is one such anomaly.  At times they play with the drive of punk, with the emotive lyrics of emo.  Other moments find them skirting the edges of shoegaze and a post-punk.  Carlos Salas, vocals and bass, sings like Morrissey doing his best Jim Carroll impression, and the band creates a swirling mass of indie sounds around his eclectic crooning.  With all of this forced into a single package, it should be easy to see how Inhibitor will fit beside everything on in your music collection and still stand apart as a singular animal outside the fences of our normal classifications of modern rock. 

Despite all that was said in the last paragraph, Wild Moth really does create a great listening experience on Inhibitor.  Songs like the super catchy “Hello, Star” bring to mind the grunge approach of Nirvana with a bit of shoegaze that hearkens back to genre masters like Swervedriver.  The fuzzy distortion of this track, as well as the plodding “Thinner” are just on the verge of overpowering the rest of the band, yet the rhythm section and vocals remain clear.  From the upbeat opening of this album with “Mirror” through the Beastmilk style goth riffing of closing track “You Found Out” the band takes us on a trip with stops at indie rock from the last three decades, yet still puts it together in a way that is cohesive within their own formula. 

Inhibitor is not a record like any you’ve heard before.  Then again, it is.  Moments of this album will bring to mind Smiths style crooning and My Bloody Valentine influenced guitars.  It’s just not likely that you’ve ever heard them in this combination before, and that is where Wild Moth makes their mark.  The band is obviously well versed in all of the classic albums that have influenced indie rock over the years, and know just how to mix melody and dissonance to create powerful songs.  Despite the title of this release, it’s hard to feel like anything inhibits Wild Moth when they find their groove.  Inhibitor is unique in a way that is charming and addictive. 


Reviewed by Jim 1340


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