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Wildestarr is the combined effort of guitarist Dave Starr (Vicious Rumors, Chastain), vocalist London Wilde, and drummer Josh Foster. Beyond the Rain is the third album and my first experience with their music. While reading over their bio and looking at their promo pics, I wasn’t really sure that this was going to be up my alley. Thankfully, the folks at Chipster PR know my tastes well and they weren’t wrong.

Beyond the Rain is a big ol’ slab of Hard Rock that dabbles in Progressive Metal here and there. “Crimson Fifths” is an excellent example of what I mean, the vocals are HUGE and the guitars wail from start to finish in a very Iced Earth sort of way. It’s as epic as they come, but Wilde’s vocals keep it accessible and melodic. “Rage and Water” is another standout. The song features a pretty wicked double bass kick off and Geoff Tate-esqe vocal work (Operation: MIndcrime era Tate, not FU era Tate) that dances around the lead guitars and rhythm grooves.  “Double Red” has a more melodic AOR kinda sound that is pushed over the top by the high-pitched wails and held together by bluesy, twin leads in all the right places. The title track is similar in scope but equally as powerful. Truth be told, there isn’t a bad track on here.

Overall, there is a lot of great stuff on this album for fans of Hard Rock and NWOBHM to devour. London Wilde is a superb vocalist that sounds like Geoff Tate and Rob Halford in a blender. It’s the aggressive and melodic music that makes her shine though. Everything about this album, from the production to the songwriting is absolutely stellar. I highly recommend Beyond the Rain!


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