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Lou DiBello is an independent Hard Rock musician and this is his fourth release. Although, this is my first experience with his music it feels wonderfully familiar yet still original. DiBello is the type of all-purpose player that probably slides effortlessly into any band that would require his services. Heat Wave is a Hard Rock album at it’s heart but there are plenty of bluesy, progressive, and shredder moments. In many ways this reminds me of Chris Caffery’s solo albums, but it’s better produced and a bit higher energy overall. DiBello is joined on most tracks by vocalist Carsten Lizard Schulz, drummer Bobby Whiles, and keyboardist Tim Rixstine.

The album opens with spectacular instrumental tune, “Heat Wave”, which is part Hurricane and part Foghat. I rarely care for instrumental music, but DiBello actually plays a song that is well-written and is very melodic and engaging. It isn’t just shredding and noodling. After that it’s the big, slick anthems that really get me going. “Let Me Hear You Scream- Rock and Roll!” is a favorite for sure. This is a big arena rocker with just enough aggressive tones to keep it legit Rock and Roll. And the soloing? Pfffttttt…. There are hundreds of well to do musicians that aren’t half the musician this dude is.

“Blood on the Cross” has a bit of a darker feel to it and is the album’s lead single. It features Ross The Boss and Mike LePond (Symphony X) alongside the band. The darker feel makes it a bit more epic than the other tunes and it reminds me a lot of the material that Black Sabbath released with Tony Martin as their vocalist (The most underrated Sabbath era?). “The Meeting” has a similar feel, but it moves at a much faster clip and the vocals are a lot more aggressive. It’s another personal favorite of mine.

If the folks at Sirius are reading this, you need to include artists like this on Hair Nation and Ozzy’s Boneyard to keep things fresh! Lou DiBello’s Heat Wave is a really, really, damn good record. If you aren’t a “long hair” then maybe this isn’t your thing, but if you enjoy anything from Foreigner to Hurricane to Savatage to the Scorpions then you definitely need to give this one a try. You won’t regret it.


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