Revelation Highway

Babylon A.D.

Revelation Highway

Frontiers Records

Babylon A.D. are one of those bands that came along just a minute too late. While experiencing moderate success, their initial major label releases came just as Grunge was getting ready to take over the industry. Alongside other excellent bands (like Tyketto, Badlands, and Bang Tango) Babylon A.D. never got to the next level, despite their obvious talent.

After 17 years, the band, featuring all of the original members, have returned with Revelation Highway. And what a return it is! While older, wiser, and more experienced musicians, the band do not miss a single step while churning out the bluesy, slightly Glammy, Hard Rock that have kept them in our memories all these years.

“She Likes to Give It” is the best example of everything I love about this band. It’s bluesy but completely rockin’ with strong, gravely vocals and a heapin’ helpin’ of sleazy lyrics. Folks, there just ain’t enough of this anymore! The anthemic Hard Rock style guitars and driving rhythm section of “Crash and Burn” will get your head bobbing right off of the bat. You can practically feel your hair grow throughout the song! The straightforward feel of “I’m No Good For You” is another highlight. It features wailing lead guitars and a catchy chorus with a great solo about three-fourths of the way through the song. “Don’t Tell Me Tonight” is a big anthem rocker as well and a perfect way to end this album.

Overall, Babylon A.D. return with their best effort to date. If you missed out on these guys over the years, then check out Revelation Highway. It’s modern sounding and fresh, yet it manages to embody everything we all miss about the late eighties/early nineties music scene. If you are a fan of bands like Y & T, Tyketto, Lynch Mob, and Tesla then you need to own Revelation Highway.


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