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First Things First

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R & B singer, and former member of Prince’s New Power Generation, Liv Warfield and Heart’s Nancy Wilson have joined forces in Roadcase Royale. Don’t let the supergroup moniker fool you though, this band sound like exactly that….a band. With two powerhouse vocalists in tow, I really expected the album to sound like a bit of a battle in that respect. In reality, what you get are two completely different voices that compliment each other brilliantly. There are quite a few highlights here and with a pedigree like this band has, avoiding pitfalls is probably relatively easily.

“Cover Each Other” is easily THE singular highlight for me, featuring smooth, yet soulful guitars, and heartfelt vocals with just a smattering of piano. Warfield’s voice is at it’s absolute best here. It sounds deep and commanding, yet still feminine enough that it doesn’t steamroll you like a man’s voice might. I just can’t get enough of this song. The live recording of “Mind Your Business” is soulful and funky, yet still really accessible. Even though this is far from my favorite style of music, it digs deep and makes it impossible for you not to bob your head along.

“Hold On To My Hand” adds a little bit of Gospel idealism to the mix and serves to remind the listener that there are many dimensions to Roadcase Royale. I’d be negligent not to also mention Heart’s megahit (and Nancy’s calling card) “These Dreams.” This song in any form is soul-shatteringly brilliant and it fits well here in it’s acoustic version.

Overall, this is a fascinating album. It took a few spins to really sink in. Once it gets it’s teeth in you though, it simply doesn’t let go. It’s got a subtle brilliance that will appeal to wide array of music lovers. If you love soulful, thoughtful, authentic, and genuinely musical songs then don’t miss out on Roadcase Royale’s debut album, First Things First.


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