Album Review: Younger Then – Self-Titled

Younger Then

Younger Then

Standby Records

Buffalo, NY’s Younger Then makes their debut with this self-titled EP.  While definitely a Rock band, Younger Then have a poppy swagger that is both easy to digest and memorable. A good combination.

“December” kicks off the EP with some straightforward Rock and Roll (“Sweetest” returns to this sound later in the EP). The driving rhythm section pushes the song forward as the vocals sing the blues and the guitar creates some musical depth. It’s a short and sweet toe tapper and a nice way to kick the album off. “Ghost” and “Like Hell” find the band flexing their muscles a little more by adding in some funk and loosening up the vocals. These are probably my favorite songs on the record. “Forget Love” adds a little 90’s styles jangly guitar to the mix and has a spectacular melody that will stick with you for days. The EP ends with “Uproot,” and Emo tinged anthem that reminds me musically of The Gospel Youth and Jeremy Enigk’s poppier solo work.

Overall, this is a good start for Younger Then. There are a lot of moments I really enjoy here, but what I like most about it is the fact that I want to listen again when it finishes. The EP is slightly out of focus, but that becomes part of its charm to be honest. This EP is well worth a listen or twelve.


Reviewed by mark1340

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