Barb Wire Dolls

Rub My Mind

Motorhead Music

Release Date: July 28, 2017

Greece’s Barb Wire Dolls have been punking it up all over the world since 2010. Rub My Mind is their 3rd full length album and their sophomore release for Motorhead Music. They also have an EP and an additional album consisting of the EP songs. You may have heard their name from the almighty Lemmy’s love for their music, but they have no problem standing on their own two feet once they have your attention.

The band’s image is slightly deceptive when you hear Rub My Mind. While they certainly have a Punk-ish lyrical feel, this album has a more Rock and Roll edge to it than you might expect. It’s sort of a Punked up fifties style Rock and Roll mixed with some more straightforward tunes.

Rub My Mind kicks off right with “Back in the USSA.” It’s a catchy tune that has a surfer riff and a sing-a-long chorus. If it doesn’t move your feet, you may want to check your pulse. “Gold” is another highlight (and my personal favorite song) here, and one of the moments where the band gets the rowdiest. It’s big guitars, atmospheric lead work, and pounding rhythm section are undeniably powerful! The acoustic “Fire to Burn” and “Waiting to Be Lost” are cool moments as well, as they help shape the album dynamically. It would have been easy for them just to play “Back in the USSA” repeatedly with different lyrics, but they don’t. I particularly like “Waiting to Be Lost” because it moves at a better clip and the atmospheric guitar pieces (as well as how they interplay with the vocals) are fantastic. “If I Fall” is another favorite moment, starting out as a great straight ahead rocker and transitioning to a sort of pounding Pop Rocker with a giant swing.

Admittedly, I had been listening to this for a bit before Warped Tour came to town and I was very much on the fence about it. Having now seen the band live, I totally get it. So, I would suggest picking up the album at a show to get the full effect!


Reviewed by mark1340

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