Day of Reckoning [Explicit]

Modern Day Outlaw

Day of Reckoning


Release date: January 7, 2017

Southern rock is an American institution.  The rocked up blues riffing is easily recognizable as the homegrown music of the southern states, and the soundtrack to parties, gatherings, and good times all across the land.  Modern Day Outlaw were obviously raised on the stuff, and is exploding out of Florida with their second release, Day of Reckoning.  Don’t expect the expected.  A love of heavy music is weaved into the obvious southern rock influences, bringing to mind prominent metal masters such as Pantera, Metallica, and Black Sabbath. 

 “Revved Up!” starts things off with a bang.  The first vocal is a roar that would make Phil Anselmo proud as frontman Ron Brown swaggers between a Pantera style roar and the melodic delivery of Badlands’ Ray Gillen.  The band lays down a pulverizing groove while guitarist Jake Nicholson shreds in a way that has rarely been heard since prior to the 90s grunge explosion.  “Good Day to Die” kicks in, building on the momentum of the previous track, adding a bit of Alice In Chains style vocal harmonies and a dirty, southern fried breakdown.  “Headwake” could easily be a country song, if not for the heavy metal power and roar Modern Day Outlaw performs it with.  “Movin’ On,” my favorite track on this release, opens with a swampy acoustic guitar groove before turning into a full on rocker.  Just after the two minute mark the band builds tension by bringing the intensity down, as bassist Rob Palladino’s overdriven growl makes it clear that the next full on assault is just around the corner.  This song is perfectly crafted to take the listener on a ride.  The release closes with a high energy cover of David Allan Coe’s “The Ride.” 

As someone who grew up with southern rock, then discovered metal, Modern Day Outlaw is a near perfect mix of the best of some of my favorite genres.  The melody and groove of southern rock meets the power and passion of heavy metal to create a behemoth of a sound.  There is a sense of individuality and determination within the music Modern Day Outlaw has created that makes it stand out.  Far from safe, cookie cutter rock, Modern Day Outlaw forges their own path, blazing a trail where few have traveled.  The result is pretty epic. 

Reviewed by Jim 1340



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