How Much Is Enough

Miracle Drug

How Much is Enough

WAR Records

Release date:  July 21, 2017

Hailing form Louisville, Kentucky, Miracle Drug has an impressive pedigree.  Newly signed to WAR Records, the band is comprised of current and former members of notable hardcore bands such as Supertouch, By the Grace of God, CR, and Mouthpiece.  Miracle Drug has been building steam since the release of their demo in 2015, bringing their brand of late 80s hardcore inspired mayhem to the masses.  Their five song EP How Much is Enough captures the intensity and creativity that is the heart and soul of hardcore.

Upon first listen, I was immediately taken back to the latter half of the 1980s when bands like Fugazi and Dag Nasty emerged from DC.  The staccato, synchronized, pummeling riffs of “Columbus” bring to mind the musicality and noise that made those bands stand out, and does the vocal performance on tracks like “Jury’s Out,” which has a definite Fugazi flair.  The songwriting will strike a chord with fans of early Revelation Records, and of course, Dischord.  Opening track “War Within” will be easily embraced by fans of Refused and Black Flag.  The unifying thread that runs through these songs is one of outrage.  The hardcore dirge “Grudge” espouses the same honesty and discontent that caused me to relate to hardcore in the first place.  As the vocals turn to a shout of “I’m a self-made f*cking martyr, and I’ll probably do it again” it’s impossible to not be sucked into the passion that is the kinetic force that spawned the genre, and that Miracle Drug taps into so well. 

How Much is Enough reminds me of the albums that inspired me to want to do something.  To take a stand, to forge my own path, or even just to break things.  There is an intensity in this music that can’t be denied, building upon the heroes of the early days of hardcore to create a new experience.  Indeed, these songs are more than just background noise to pass the day, they are an invitation to join in the fury and be part of what Miracle Drug is creating.  How Much is Enough is five tracks of brilliant, noisy rebellion sure to start a fire in the hearts of all who will listen. 

Reviewed by Jim 1340



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