Louder Harder Faster


Louder Harder Faster

Frontiers Music

Release Date: May 12, 2017


If I’m being honest, Warrant is one of, if not my favorite Rock band of all time. Dog Eat Dog and Belly to Belly, Vol. 1 are prime examples of legendary albums that never got their due because of the changing times. But that was then and this is now. For the last several years the original band have been fronted by Robert Mason (Lynch Mob), who made his recorded debut on the band’s last release, Rockaholic.

The first thing I noticed here is that the songs are pretty much all up-tempo, straight ahead rockers. They definitely rock, but they don’t seem to stick with me the way I’m used to. “Only Broken Heart” is a good example of what I mean. Mason sings his ass off and the guitars are off-the-hook but the chorus never really takes off. It’s like it can’t quite get over the hump. The title track is a moment that really rips it up though. It’s straight-on with a great guitar riff and a big ol’ gang vocal on the chorus. “New Rebellion” is another moment that rises to the occasion with big, dirty guitars and a slightly Grunge-laced vocal. It’s heavy in an Ultraphobic kinda way that makes you wish that maybe the band had a few more songs like this on Louder Harder Faster. “Big Sandy” is up right after and the duo of songs make for the album’s best moment. “Big Sandy” is an eighties rocker with innuendo heavy lyrics, hand claps, and the one catchy as hell chorus on the album in my opinion.

I want to love this. Rockaholic didn’t move me much and I was really hoping that this one could turn the ship around. I mean, the band sound great here and Mason has a great Rock voice, but it just never gets to the mountaintop in my opinion. That said, this is a good batch of songs that is much more in tune with early Warrant than the band’s last two efforts (I just miss those big hooks!). It’s Warrant so it certainly deserves a listen from Rock fans. And who knows? You might very well enjoy it more than I am.


Reviewed by mark1340

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