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Strange Karma

Cold Blooded (Vinyl)


Release Date: March 7, 2017

Australian rockers, Strange Karma are on fire with their debut Cold Blooded. The power trio combine Classic Rock elements with the more aggressive side of eighties Hard Rock and add in a few twists that give it a modern edge. Every song here sounds like it’s straight from the concert stage and the Side A/Side B classic structure is a great trip down memory lane.

The album opens with the gritty rockers “Freedom” and “Devil From the Moon” (the albums lead single). Both lean more towards the Classic Rock sound and get your energy up right from the get go. It’s “Crying For Your Love” that really caught my ear though. It’s piano-driven, with intermittent explosive guitar soloing, and vocalist Martin Strange really shows what a powerhouse vocalist he is on this song. It’s like Queen meets Dog Eat Dog era Warrant. The ballad “I Believe (London Town)” is another highpoint from Side A, with the piano, again, giving it an edge that really catches your ear.

Side B kicks off with the emotional, acoustically driven, “Heartbeat.” It reminds me so much of the bands that came out right at the end of the eighties/beginning of the nineties that were making such interesting and powerful music that was completely ignored due to the coming of Grunge. It’s a little dark and completely fascinating musically, while also holding on to that anthemic quality that I loved about the music I grew up on.  “Hey Man” is another highlight from Side B. This one goes full on Classic Rock, intertwining the electric and acoustic guitars. It’s a straightforward sing-along anthem that makes you want to roll down the windows on a sunny day and scream along (think Sweet or Supertramp).

Overall, this is an excellent Rock N’ Roll record. It doesn’t pretend to be anything other than that. Even though it’s a great album just to jam out to, repeated listens reveal new things each time, showing that these guys have some serious chops. Some would argue that there really isn’t a Hard Rock market anymore, but if you, like me, still seek out new stuff then you should check out Strange Karma.


Reviewed by mark1340

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