A Little Less Put Together

Animal Style Records


Release Date: March 24, 2017

Arizona’s Sundressed is comprised of songwriter/vocalist Trever Hedges, drummer Garret Tretta, guitarists Forest Walldorf and Justin Leal, and bassist Justin Portillo. Apparently, the band was formed as an outlet and support for Hedges as he fought the battle to stay sober. The real story here is that these fine lads debut, A Little Less Put Together, is gonna make a damn fine mark on the Pop scene.

“Of Course” opens the album on a pretty low-key, yet enjoyable note. It’s an even-keeled little ditty that will make you instantly bob your head along and is topped off by a big, catchy chorus that makes you want to sing along. Another great moment here is “A Frankford Night” which starts out with an almost bluesy sway and builds into a classic-sounding Pop gem. The latter half of the songs features some nice vocal harmonies as well. Meanwhile, “Until We’ve Got Nothing” musically feels like a happy-go-lucky Emo song that features lyrics that make you feel like Hedges has opened his journal just for you. The best part, for me, is that Hedges can get his points across without ever sounding whiny or preachy about whatever it is he has to say at that moment.

Normally, this would be more up Rob1340’s alley than mine, but I stole it out from under him because I can’t stop listening. These are some talented dudes. Sundressed have a knack for offering catchy Pop tunes that make you feel hopeful and positive and satisfied, all the whole backing it up with solid musicianship. This album makes me feel a lot like I did the first time I heard Weezer, The Rocket Summer, and All-American Rejects.


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