Unruly Child

Can’t Go Home

Frontiers Records


Release Date: February 24, 2017

Unruly Child were one of those bands that came along towards the end of the eighties Radio Rock era. Despite their talent, they really didn’t have the success of the band’s that came just before them. Still they held on throughout the nineties with various lineups before disbanding. Since re-emerging in 2010, the band have been putting out some quality material and their latest album, Can’t Go Home, is a great big slab of Radio Rock that will remind you of better days.

So this album starts out on a much lighter note than I was expecting with “The Only One,” which boasts a big, slick eighties flare. I like the song but I was hoping for an immediate punch. Much of the album is big keyboards, smooth harmonies, and great guitar work. I will admit that it took me a couple of listens before it really sunk into my psyche. The subtle brilliance of songs like “Driving Into the Future” and “See If She Floats,” are evident on repeated listens. You have to wade a little through the airy keyboards and tight harmonies, but once you settle in the masterful guitar work and stunning vocals start to really shine, especially on “See If She Floats.” “Point of View” is probably my favorite moment here, reeling you in like all great anthems do while allowing the guitars to get a little dirtier and a lot more prominent without losing its radio friendly grandeur. Vocally, Marcie Free has outdone herself here, reminding me of how versatile and professional singers used to have to be.

Overall this is an excellent ride if you love bands like Harem Scarem, Toto, Survivor, and the like. Can’t Go Home is full of low-key anthems, pristine production, and impressive musicianship and will certainly appeal the most to fans of radio-friendly vibes. 

Reviewed by mark1340

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