Danko Jones

Wild Cat

AFM Records

Release Date: March 3, 2017


Living in Buffalo, NY from 1997-2003 was a great musical experience for me. One of those reasons was the close proximity to Toronto, ON. The Canadian music scene has always been full of great Rock bands and during this time there were few bigger Northeastern bands than Barenaked Ladies, Our Lady Peace, Tragically Hip, The Tea Party, and, of course, Danko Jones. While BNL and Our Lady Peace went on to sell millions, the others continued to be some of the most popular bands in the Northeast. Danko Jones were always one of my personal favorites and they have only gotten better with age.

Wild Cat is about as true blue Rock and Roll as they come, the perfect blend of nineties Metallica and seventies Thin Lizzy. For example, the title track is a bombastic ode to the Thin Lizzy sound with a distinctly Danko Jones spin. It’s got a barroom bounce to it and a big ol’ chorus that makes the boys shake their fists, and the girls bounce their chests, to the beat. “You Are My Woman” is a desperate sounding love song that turns into a Classic Rock anthem with Rick Springfield riffs and sing-along choruses. “Revolution (But Then We Make Love)” and “Success in Bed” (which includes the plea “Don’t stress! Undress!”) have a heavier edge to them with giant riffs and gritty vocals that are pleasurable reminders that down and dirty Rock and Roll’s future is in very capable hands.  

I always enjoy what this band serves up but Wild Cat is a particularly energizing record. It’s all killer, no filler as we used to say. Wild Cat doesn’t let up from the first note to the last and I honestly can’t recall the last time I heard an album that played like that (but it was probably a Motorhead record). If musically satisfying, irreverent, Rock and Roll is what you are looking for then you need Danko Jones’ Wild Cat in your music collection.

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