Courage My Love


InVogue Records

Release Date: February 3, 2017

So, I was pretty stoked for this new full length from Courage My Love. In the truest sense, it’s really their first album of new material and it follows a full-length compiled from the band’s four EPs. The Canadian trio have released some really great music so far and Synesthesia is no exception.

The first thing you really notice about this album is it’s poppy and even-keel. The band’s previous work was more guitar-oriented but on Synesthesia the electronics take over. This gives a softer overall feel to the songs that can be surprising at first. After a couple of spins it starts to sink in though and you begin to realize how much more mature this album is than their other material.

While the album starts off with a wonky intro, which the album is strangely named after, it gets rolling proper with “Animal Heart”, a big , electro-driven anthem that makes you want to dance. The bright and poppy “Stereo” is another highlight with it’s driving backbeat and gorgeous vocal work. The more soulful “Two-Headed Monster” is a bit moodier and brings a new dynamic to the record that brings their retro sound into the land of Lorde and Tove Lo in  a surprise twist. The rockier choruses of  “The Year I Disappear” and “Drowning” keep the album from getting redundant and provides those big anthem moments that I absolutely love. “Never Gonna Change” rounds the album out and is my personal favorite track. It reminds me a bit of T.A.T.U. with it’s explosive chorus and danceable bounce. I’m sure there will be plenty of glowsticks on tour when this song comes to life onstage.

I love this album. It’s a blast to listen to and is so well-produced that it just flows with ease from tune to tune. Courage My Love are a tremendously talented band that I am expecting big things from. You should check out Synesthesia if you enjoy The Good Natured, Lights, Mae, Tonight Alive, or similar bands.  

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