Gods of Violence


Gods of Violence

Nuclear Blast


Release Date: January 27, 2017

Yeah, so Nuclear Blast is pretty much kicking ass and taking names since the start of 2017. Sepultura’s Machine Messiah and Overkill’s The Grinding Wheel are career -defining records. Wedged right in between the release of those two albums is Kreator’s Gods of Violence a….wait for it… career-defining record. The band have been on a steady upswing since 2001’s Violent Revolution but this beast is as well-rounded as it is aggressive. Kreator are in peak form here, from the pristine production to the world gone mad inspired lyrical themes. 

Almost every track here is an instant classic if you are a fan of Extreme Metal. “Satan is Real” is unquestionably my personal favorite here. It’s massive twin leads, some in your face guitar melodies, and snarled lyrical content pointing out the worst parts of humanity as “Satan.” It’s hard logic to argue with. Although the title track starts off with some acoustic work it quickly becomes a full throttle, venom-induced Extreme Metal anthem that makes you want to pump your fist and bang your head. The rolling “Hail the Hordes” has a Viking Metal bent to it that adds some depth to an already fascinating musical work. The more traditional NWOBHM sound of “Lion With Eagle Wings” and “Fallen Brother” could be argued as something new in Kreator’s bag of tricks, but if you were around back in the day you’d remember that there was a time when they didn’t sound too far from this style, despite being considered wildly extreme for the era. They sound great trading lead solos, belting out semi-anthem choruses, and adding in acoustic bits to break the monotony. 

I have truly enjoyed the last few Kreator releases but this one has been on repeat since I first received it. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. If you are a fan of Extreme Metal then Gods of Violence is a prime example of what this genre can be. Put away your Slayer records and go buy this one. You’ll be happy you did. 

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