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Footage of a Yeti

Purging the Human Condition


Release Date: January 20, 2017

New York’s Footage of a Yeti is back with Purging the Human Condition. Branded as Deathcore, this EP is not nearly as limited in its musical scope as it’s genre tag would suggest. The band could certainly be shoved into that mold, but the progressive elements of this EP are pretty hard to ignore, making it feel like the punky step-cousin of Death, Converge, and Born of Osiris. The kind of little beast that you see only on rare occasions because your parents can’t really handle him.

“D.R.E.A.M. (Death Rules Everything Around Me)” kicks off the EP in the time-honored tradition of putting your best foot forward. If you are only gonna give this one chance, then this is the song you want to listen to. The song grinds and squeals it’s way through a rhythm section stomp that lets up occasionally to catch a groove or set up a breakdown. “Purging the Human Condition Part I” is a more straightforward affair but it’s full of circle pit inducing aggression that leads into the more progressive “… Part II”. The growls shrieks and grooves of “…Part I” give way to a darker, more dissonant vibe on …”Part II”. This one boasts more of the guttural bounce that Deathcore is known for. The rest of the EP struggles to keep up the energy of the first three songs but “Deceiver, Deceiver” has a nice back and forth going on between the machine gun riffing and prototypical Metalcore breakdowns. 

In a lot of ways Purging the Human Condition reminds me of the Three One G roster of bands but it’s not quite as experimental or energetic and it’s a bit more polished. I think this band has a lot of potential and I’d venture to say that (since this is not their first time around the sun) they are only going to get better. This EP is a big ol’ slab of heavy guitars, spastic shrieks and growls, and progressive rhythm work wrapped loosely in a Metalcore hoodie. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are interested in heavy bands that like to push the envelope.

Reviewed by mark1340


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