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Release Date: August 21, 2015

Since 2010, Berlin, Germany’s stalwart seventies rockers, Kadavar, have been rocking our faces off. Their third album, Berlin, continues to rock the masses in grand fashion, but this time around the band employ a brighter sound and a not-so-doomy looking album cover. It would seem the band are looking to spread the love beyond the dank corners of lava lamp ridden rock lover basements.

Berlin kicks off with “Lord of the Sky,” a solid tune that I probably would have loved even more  five years ago. Let’s face it, the competition for this style is much stiffer than it was just a few short years ago. The band quickly turn up the fuzz box though, reminding us that this isn’t their first rodeo on “Last Living Dinosaur.” The band really wail on this song in particular, exhibiting the Led Zeppelin swagger you’d hope to hear while managing to sound fully like Kadavar. 

“The Old Man” is a certain highlight here as well. It’s a sort of hard rock epic that lands somewhere near what Kansas would probably sound like without the keyboards. It’s a fantasy inspired fun fest full of great lead guitar work, classic sounding riffage, and a rhythm section that never takes a breath. The dirtier sound of “Filthy Illusion” is another highlight. It’s a big city sounding anthem rocker that would make the original Alice Cooper group very, very proud. 

I really enjoy Berlin a lot but it I find myself falling just short of love.  There are a small handful of songs here that feel like filler, making me wish the band had just mic dropped at about eight songs. It just feels like quantity ruled this time around. That said, fans of Rock and Roll revivalists like Rival Sons, The Answer, and The Sword will find as much to love here as fans of  early Alice Cooper and Led Zeppelin. While it’s not all my favorite, there’s still plenty of riffage to jam out on. 


Reviewed by Mark 1340


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