Serpentine Dominion

Serpentine Dominion

Serpentine Dominion

Metal Blade Records

Release Date: October 28, 2016

Adam D., George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, and Shannon Lucas. If you need anymore detail than that on Serpentine Dominion’s pedigree than you won’t like this album anyway.

This is the perfect blend of the classic sound of Extreme Music and the new wave of it. The drumming is furious and energetic, the guitars are atmospheric, uncomfortable, and explosive, and the vocals are unbelievably powerful- almost a more fitting sound for Corpsegrinder than his main gig in some ways. And it’s short. The band put their best foot forward and leave on a high note. Something more bands should take note of.

After an acoustic intro, “The Vengeance In Me” kicks off the album with the shot to the nuts you are certainly expecting. It’s as brutal as they come but Adam D.’s creepy, off-center breaks and Lucas’ fast but extremely rhythmic grooves come together as an almost pleasurable assault on your eardrums. “Sovereign Hate” is another highlight for me that is both punishing and predictable. “Jagged Cross Legions” is a standout as well, particularly due to it’s incredible soloing which finds D. exploring his style a bit while still keeping everything in short bursts. The album closer, “This Endless War,” is perhaps my favorite track incorporating a bit more clean singing and offering a breakdown that is incredibly heavy and chaotic. I love the slowed down, groovier parts and it proves that a lot of thought went into making this album something that the members’ other bands could never achieve.

I didn’t want to listen to this album to be honest. So many times, “all-star” albums have left me feeling underwhelmed, and even occasionally disappointed, so I try to avoid them. Eventually though I got around to listening to this and it so far surpassed any expectations I had that I haven’t really stopped listening to it. This is a wild shot in the arm for Extreme Music and probably the most important album in the genre this year. It’s the perfect blend of classic and new sounds and it lays massive waste to its competition.

Reviewed by mark1340



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