Dance Gavin Dance


Rise Records 

Release Date: October 7, 2016

Dance Gavin Dance have had quite a good last couple of years. The band celebrated their 10th anniversary last year and earlier this year released the live Tree City Sessions album. The cherry on top though is certainly their new, and seventh, studio album Mothership. The spazzcore giants have outdone themselves this time, creating an album that nods as heavily towards eighties pop as it does it’s their screamo brethren. A truly unique experience.

“Young Robot” is easily my personal favorite track here. It nods towards eighties Pop giants like Michael Jackson and Prince with the clean vocals while the heavy parts take everything up a notch. Normally I would bitch and complain about how the “screaming” vocals don’t fit and “blah, blah, blah” but this song just rubs me right all over. It reminds me a bit of OKGO and Alien Ant Farm during the poppier parts. “Here Come the Winners” and “Inspire the Liars” take much the same approach and are excellent as well, but nothing feels like the first time. 

The emotional “Deception” is another highlight here. It’s ballad-ish but it soars during the chorus while the verses take on a more atmospheric sound that reminds me a bit of Jon Bunch’s work with Further Seems Forever musically. 

If you are missing the heavy though, DGD doesn’t leave you hanging! The semi-epic “Man of the Year” is a tumultuous journey throughout it’s five minute plus running time, but within it are some of the album’s heaviest moments. “Philospher King” is a more straightforward affair compared to much of the album but the band lays down some heavy backbone underneath the trading vocalists. 

This is a band I have always enjoyed but Mothership blows my face off. Ten years after they first made waves, Dance Gavin Dance produce their best effort to date and that is certainly no easy task. If you have never given these guys your attention, Mothership will command it. If you enjoy anything from Circa Survive and Chiodos to Alien Ant Farm and Further Seems Forever’s Hide Nothing then you should immediately check this record out.

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