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Release Date: October 14, 2016

Of all the band’s Frontiers Records have offered a platform to, it’s Tyketto that have seized the reigns the tightest in my opinion. At best, a “C” level band in popularity during their heyday, their reunion albums are among Frontiers’ strongest releases. Their last release, 2012’s Dig In Deep, is one of my all-time favorite radio friendly albums so when Reach came across my desk I was more than a little excited.

While Reach hasn’t grabbed me as wholeheartedly as Dig In Deep did, their cup still overfloweth. With that in mind, Reach covers a lot more musical ground than it’s predecessor. “The Fastest Man Alive” keeps the radio-friendly hooks front and center but also invites an underlying boogie sound that reminds me a bit of Foghat. “Circle the Wagons,” on the other hand, is a swaying power ballad that firmly reminds you of the real reason stadiums were created and makes you mourn the new millennium downturn in lighter sales. 

In my opinion, these guys are still at their best when they are playing big, solo-heavy anthems though. “I Need It Now” and Big Money” are two of my favorite Tyketto songs and both are standouts here. “Remember My Name” is another outstanding part of this album. It’s a bit grittier than some of the other tracks but still has that midtempo polished Hard Rock feel that so many of us still enjoy.

Overall, Tyketto’s Reach is a great ride. They do such a great job of moving forward without trying to be something they are not. If you like radio-friendly, smartly written tunes with big hooks (think Stryper, Trixter, White Lion, Danger Danger, and Europe) then this is an album that will fit nicely into your collection.

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