Another Fall From Grace 

The Mission

Another Fall From Grace

Eyes Wide Shut/ SPV Records

Release Date: October 14, 2016

Legendary cult band The Mission (aka The Mission UK) return with Another Fall From Grace. The band is led this time around by frontman Wayne Hussey and the album was produced by longtime producer Tim Palmer. The album features guest appearances by Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Ville Valo (HIM), Julianne Reagan and Evi Vine (All About Eve), and Gary Numan. So, yeah, this album’s decked is certainly stacked.

The band return to the darker vibe of their early works on this album, embracing the Gothic genre they helped found a lot more than they have in years. The best example here is “Within the Deepest Darkness (Fearful)” which features both Gore and Numan alongside the band. Featuring atmospheric vocals, some 12-string work for a little brightness, and some great rhythms during the songs final third, it’s a cloudy spiraling sound that certainly harkens back to the band’s late eighties albums. “Only You and You Alone” is a sprawling, atmospheric tune with vocals that tradeoff between melancholy (while driven by the bass) and near Emo (while driven by the lead guitar), also hearkening back to the band’s early works.

“Met-Amor-Phosis,” which includes Valo’s contribution, is probably my favorite track here though. It offers a bit more of what we have heard over the course of the last couple of albums. It’s got a Rock vibe to it and a big, bright chorus declaring “..with age comes change.” The title track is similar in this sense as well.

As a huge fan of The Brightest Light, it took some time to adjust to the more Gothic undertones of Another Fall From Grace. After a few spins though, it really began to grow on me though. There is simply a lot to absorb here and the more atmospheric sound also slows the pace of the album considerably when compared to its predecessor. That said, the return to the band’s classic sound makes a lot of sense given their 30th Anniversary festivities. No matter how you slice it, a new album from The Mission is always a good ride. 30 years in and still not a bad album in the bunch.

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