Here's Your Way Out

Demon In Me

Here’s Your Way Out

Standby Records

Release Date: September 2, 2016

From California come Demon In Me, an Alt Rock band that walks the same trails as bands like A Day to Remember, Thrice, and occasionally, Sunny Day Real Estate. Here’s Your Way Out is their label debut for Cleveland, Ohio’s Standby Records.

They say that you should always put your best foot forward and Demon In Me heed that advice. “Cold Sweat” is likely my favorite track on the album. It reminds me of the pinnacle of the Emo movement with it’s swaying, guitar-led verses and emotional vocal work. Kylle Reece’s voice passionately drives the song as the rhythm section builds and builds underneath him. “Make It Hurt” continues the pulsating charge of emotion, adding more aggression to the mix. The melodies are a little bigger on this one too, straddling on the edge of anthemic without ever jumping all the way over. The duo of songs work really well together.

“Bruised Hands” is another standout for me. It bears a strong resemblance to later years Thrice but it’s also pretty damn fantastic so you won’t hear me complain. The guitars get more atmospheric on this one and the chorus has a really catchy melody. The cool part about the chorus is the vocal melody drives it while the music backs off and lets it soar. Plus, the line, “It’s hard to build a home with bruised hands” is one of the most memorable lyrics I have heard in a long time. There’s a lot of truth in that. A lot. 

Here’s Your Way Out is a fairly typical debut album. There are some great songs but it’s also largely unfocused. The band offer some pockets of incredibly intense greatness but have a hard time keeping the momentum throughout. Overall, I really dig about half of this album and feel that the band are at their best when they lean towards the more atmospheric and emotive elements of their tunes. If you are a fan of Emo’s evolution into Alt Rock in the early to mid 00’s then you should definitely give Demon in Me a shot.


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