Never Look Back

3 Pill Morning

Never Look Back

Countdown Entertainment

Release Date: July 29, 2016

Minnesota’s 3 Pill Morning have been cutting their teeth since 2004 and Never Look Back is the culmination of their hard work. Their sophomore release manages to capitalize on their debut’s big hooks while tightening up the overall sound and branching out just enough to loosen the grip that generic Hard Rock had on them. In other words, this is not a sophomore slump record.

If you enjoy big anthems then 3PM has your back here. Song after song features catchy melodies, aggressive guitars, and soaring vocals. The band manage to keep your attention though by never sitting still, creating a pretty dynamic group of tunes. Most of all though, they play it like they mean it. 

The title track is hands down my favorite track here (which rarely happens). It’s got a great groove that is kicked off by some synth work and some big ol’ “Whoa’s!” It feels really huge and Jeff Stebbins vocals are really emotional. It quickly becomes a sing-along that connects with me on a musical and lyrical level in a way that the other songs don’t necessarily. It’s coupled brilliantly with the somber “Vultures,” which is a power ballad in the best possible sense and reminds me a lot of the first Fuel and 3 Doors Down albums. “The Hunted” is another excellent tune that transitions seamlessly from aggressive to anthemic and is a great example of how good Stebbins is vocally.

Overall, I really dig this album. I enjoyed their debut, but everything on Never Look Back is turned up a notch or ten and you can certainly feel the band going for it. Sure, they aren’t breaking new ground, but sometimes you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If you are a fan of radio-friendly Hard Rock bands like Alter Bridge, Fuel, 3 Doors Down, Full Devil Jacket, and Shinedown then you should unquestionably own this album. You won’t regret it. 


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