The Poison Red [Explicit]


The Poison Red

Spinefarm Records

Release Date: July 8, 2016

Florida quintet Nonpoint return with their ninth full length album. This time around, the band find themselves on Spinefarm Records and their first delivery for the label is quite possibly one of their best, but it will certainly be a fan favorite no matter where the critics fall on the subject.

The opening trio of songs is the album’s strongest component. The powerful and dynamic “Generation Idiot” kicks it off with the band’s signature half-rapped vocal and stutter step music works. They bring all the heavy together with a big, charged up chorus that you can’t help but dig. “Foaming at the Mouth” is a little more straightforward but the breakdowns are killer and take the song from run-of-the-mill to something special. Vocally, it’s insane and the chorus will make you wat to bob your head and stomp around the yard. “Bottled Up Killer Bees” round out the trio with a big, ole slab of pissed off aggression that pays particular attention to melody without losing any of the heaviness.

After the initial trio of songs, the album is solid, and quite enjoyable, but never quite reaches the same level of awesomeness. “No Running Allowed” is one of the rest of the album’s better moments, showcasing the fact that the band can be simple, straightforward, and heavy and still bring it. “Divided…Conquer Them” is a dynamic entry that features some interesting guitar work that mostly underlies the midtempo rocker and some excellent vocal work that sticks with you long after the song is done.

There is a ton of energy on this album and that should not come as a surprise to anyone who has followed this band over the years. Even if you don’t like their brand of Hard Rock/Nu Metal/Radio Rock, you cannot deny that this is a talented bunch of musicians that have consistently delivered the goods for the past two decades. The Poison Red is an excellent album and fans of artists like P.O.D., Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, and Korn will especially find a lot to love here.


Reviewed by mark1340

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