The New Low


Razor & Tie Records

Release Date: July 22, 2016

The New Low is a “new band” that realistically is the remnants of Hearts and Hands. Technically their first record, Continuance is a beautiful sounding Alternative Rock record fueled by passionate vocals and great melodies. Unfortunately, it’s also bogged down by some forced sounding Metalcore style breakdowns.

One of the highlights here is certainly “My Own Way.” It’s got a wildly catchy melody and the heartfelt soar of the vocals is downright infectious. Atmospheric guitars abound as the rhythm section drivse the song along. While, for the most part, I don’t enjoy the Metalcore bits, they fit more naturally on this one and really enhance the song overall. The acoustic “Start Over” is a gorgeous tune that brings a new dynamic to the record and shows how talented these guys are. It’s hard to shine when all the tricks are stripped away but this soulful offering shines the brightest. The radio-friendly and empowering “Burning Bridges” is a fist-pumper that makes me wonder what Fall Out Boy would sound like if Jesse Leach and Adam D. joined the band.

Overall, I really dig this record but, to be honest, a lot of the songs are bogged down by the Metalcore elements. They become a distraction rather than something that enhances the songs. Continuance is a well-written record that tries hard to soar (and manages to a good bit of the time) and I can’t wait to hear what comes next for The New Low because this is obviously just the beginning.


Reviewed by mark1340


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