Split - EP


Secret Stuff/Sundressed

Split EP

Spartan Records

Release Date: July 29, 2016

On the heels of EPs from both bands comes a split featuring two new songs each. Nashville’s Secret Stuff deliver some great additions to their Emo catalog while Phoenix’s Sundressed offer an acoustic tune and an Indie Rocker that leans a bit more towards the Pop Punk side of things. The EP is available as a digital download and in three different colored vinyl versions.

It amazes me how easily Secret Stuff can transport me back to the nineties. Their particular brand of Emo is electrified and understated in a way that few bands still know how to do it. “Ew, You Taste Like Cigarettes”, for example, has a quintessentially slow build into an explosive and emotional chorus that makes you want to sing your soul out. It’s cathartic and wildly worshipful. “You Betcha, Pal” is a great song as well, driven along by a slightly off-kilter vocal and an acoustic base that drives the song’s mid-tempo melody along.

This is my first experience with Sundressed and color me impressed! “Autopilot” is a fun Indie Rock leaning tune that is pretty dynamic for this genre. While the song winds up in an upbeat groove, it takes some detours on the way there that catch your attention right from the get go. The acoustic “Best Of/Worst Of” however is by far my favorite tune on the EP. The vocals shine here, perfectly complimenting the rhythmic acoustic work. The lyrics really hit home as well, which is particularly surprising to me. Millennials and Gen Xers tend to not connect lyrically all that often.

Overall, you should pick this up if you like any kind of Indie Rock or Emo. This split has a great spirit about it that that encourages introspection without losing any of the punch you hope for in any collection of songs. You need to own this because it’s a proud moment for 2016!


 Reviewed by mark1340

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