Forty Winters

Rotting Empire

Dead Truth Recordings

Release Date: July 22. 2016

South Florida metallers Forty Winters return with Rotting Empire, the follow up to 2011’s Reflection and 2013’s Isolation EP. The album features guest appearances by Chad Ruhlig (For the Fallen Dreams) and Adam Warren (Oceano) and was recorded by Jesse Kirkbride in the band’s home state. Since 2011, Forty Winters have performed alongside a variety of bands including Emmure, Suicide Silence, Shai Hulud and A Day to Remember.

While Rotting Empire is a fairly predictable record musically, it’s also a pretty furious one. The pummeling two and a half minute “Summoning Spirits,” for example, is a glorious moment for any fan of the chaotic side of Metal. The band embrace the fury of Hardcore offering breakdowns, groove, and intensity from start to finish. “Human Sacrifice,” clocking in at under two minutes, is another favorite that leans more towards the Hardcore elements I love so much (the bass drum “Boom!” and circle pit pace). On the other side of the coin, “Disease of Time” is a more dynamic look at what the band can do. It eases in and out of the grooves and blast beats and breakdowns, creating intensity by creating space and giving the listener some moments away from the breakneck speed of the majority of the album.

If you like any of the band’s mentioned above then you’ll certainly enjoy Rotting Empire. I’m not sure what the official label for this genre is (I tend to call it “Jock Metal” since I see so many people listening to these bands at the gym), but the band play a solid mix of Metalcore and Death Metal bits overlain with barking vocals and sprinkled with atmospheric guitar bits to make it more dynamic. I enjoy this album, but there is certainly a formula here, so what you take from this will definitely depend on what your favorite style of Metal is.

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