Beyond the Fade

Ted Poley

Beyond the Fade

Frontiers Records

Release Date: May 13, 2016

Ted Poley is probably best known as the lead singer of one of the last successful glam bands, Danger Danger. Beyond the Fade is his latest solo release and easily his best work to date. While it falls in line nicely with his body of work, everything seems to be on “11” on this one, from the excellent production to the beautiful harmonies to the bright, powerful vocals Poley is known for.

Almost every track here is a shining example of what Poley can do, leaving you to wonder why the man isn’t a household name at this point. “Everything We Are” is a big stadium rocker with airy keyboards, emotional vocals, slick guitar solos, and a giant chorus filled with tight vocal harmonies. “Stars,” my personal favorite track, is another highlight that is driven by a thumping bass line laced with eighties keyboard work and an explosive chorus that reminds me of everything that was great about the expertly produced albums of the pre-Grunge era. This song should in a Songwriting 101 book. After all, we know that what Bono said so many years ago still rings true; it’s much harder to write a song that makes you feel good than it is to write one that taps into anger and resentment. “Stars” makes you feel like you can take on the world.

“Sirens” is another brilliant moment that reminds me of Danger Danger’s best deep tracks, honing in on those slightly darker musical tones but still managing to be explosive in all the right places. The best part of it all is that this album plays like an album, it could easily have sounded like a collection of singles with some filler. Poley takes it all the way with this one and I don’t skip a single track, even after multiple spins.  

Since reuniting with Danger Danger a few years back the guy has been on fire and if it’s a positive, inspiring AOR record you are looking for then look no further than this one. Mother Love Bone may have coined the term “Love Rock” but Ted Poley embodies it on Beyond the Fade.

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