Acid Roulette

Scorpion Child

Acid Roulette

Nuclear Blast USA

Release Date: June 10, 2016

Formed in 2006, Scorpion Child released a helluva debut in 2013. After some high profile touring, half the band split and, admittedly, I figured that was the end of the band. I couldn’t have been more wrong though as “The Child” have returned with Acid Roulette, a heavy as hell trip back to the raw, awe-inspiring days of  a young Heavy Metal.

Again taking cues from the mystical curiosities of bands like Deep Purple and Pentagram, the band rip through a whole new set of songs with ballsier guitars, wilder wailing, bigger choruses, and tighter rhythms. “Twilight Coven” is an excellent exhibit of all of these things. The guitar riffs spiral themselves into a big, open chorus that begs you to sing along as the drums and bass keep the song grounded in the groove. “She Sings I Kill” is another fantastic moment, relying heavily on the psychedelic groove of the band’s debut but delivering it via heavier guitars and pounding drums. The vocals soar over top it all like a raven swirling a burning coven. Meanwhile songs like “Winter Side of Deranged” and “Tower Grove” show a more stadium sized side of the band as they channel their inner Deep Purple. There isn’t a moment of filler in sight.

Overall, this is probably the best straight up Rock and Roll album so far this year. It gets me particularly stoked because the “critic” in me figured the lineup changes would seal Scorpion Child’s fate. Make no mistake, Acid Roulette is bigger, heavier, tighter, and way more anthemic than the band’s debut. Any fan of the Rock and Roll Revivalist movement (Rival Sons, BRMC, Rose, Electric Wizard, etc.) needs to own this one as does any fan of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and the like. Acid Roulette is the real deal brothers and sisters.

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