Tree City Sessions

Dance Gavin Dance

Tree City Sessions

Rise Records

Release Date: May 13, 2016

Since 2005, Dance Gavin Dance may be a revolving door of musicians but they never fail to deliver in-your-face, evocative Post-Hardcore. Incorporating elements of Funk, Screamo, and Hardcore with catchy melodies and aggressive guitars, the Sacramento band are one of the few bands of this era still around; a certain testament to their importance to the scene. Tree City Sessions is a collection of favorites recorded live in the studio with the current lineup.

There are a lot of highlights here as this is essentially a best-of album. “Death of a Strawberry” is one of my personal highlights. The Emo-ish first half of the song features some great lead guitar and this version is so much more intense than the original. It’s sad and angry and celebratory all at once, which is something you can’t convey without a live atmosphere. The pulsating “We Own the Night” is another personal favorite. When the heavy rhythms and screaming vocals come in they take the song up about five notches, ultimately reminding you of everything that is still good about Screamo.

Of course, the band’s bigger hits are here as well. “Lemon Meringue Tie’s” guitars have a real psychedelic feel to them if you listen closely and they set off a fury of drum and bass that culminates in a hefty chorus that makes you want to scream along. “And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman” ends the set on a high note in an explosive and musically complex way that plays close to the original in its live version.

Overall, this is a cool album for those who have been waiting a decade for a live album from Dance Gavin Dance. Newcomers to the band will also find this a solid place to start. I really like the energy Tree City Sessions has as compared to the band’s studio albums and I think longtime fans will find a lot to love here.


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