Die Krupps 

Live Im Schatten Der Ringe 

AFM Records


Release date:  June 3, 2016

Germany’s Die Krupps have never received the kind of mainstream success they deserve here in the US.  Since their formation in 1980 the band has defined industrial and post-industrial music, influencing more than one generation of successful bands who have built on the Die Krupps formula.  Their once eclectic mix of synth driven dark wave mingled with punishing heavy guitars was brought to the forefront of pop culture by the likes of Nine Inch Nails and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, among others.  After more than three decades Die Krupps have finally  graced fans with a live CD/DVD, Live Im Schatten Der Ringe.  

What can fans expect from a live Die Krupps album?  Amazing, huge sound.  I’m not a guy who listens to a lot of live albums because the quality often just isn’t as good as a studio recording.  This album sounds clear and gigantic.  This is the kind of live album fans long for – the sound is immense and crisp, and it really feels like you’re in the club with the band right in front of you.  On audio quality alone, Live Im Schatten Der Ringe is an impressive release.  The song selection is primarily from the 1990s forward.  This means the majority of the selections are from the time after Die Krupps added distorted guitars, creating their signature sound.  Selections from 2013’s The Machinists of Joy, the first full-length album following 1997’s Paradise Now.  

The only failing on this release might be that the songs are presented almost too perfectly for a live album.  Tracks like “Im Falschen Land,” “Essenbeck” and “Robo Sapien” are so well captured that it’s hard to believe this came from a stage.  That’s both a criticism and a compliment, as part of the fun of catching a band live is often catching those unexpected twists that come with the freedom the stage offers.  Much like their music, Die Krupps is a machine, creating perfectly performed music, and settling for nothing less that precision in their craft.  All things considered, Live Im Schatten Der Ringe is an excellent overview of the best the progenitor of industrial music has to offer, and the most sonically uncluttered live album I’ve ever heard.  Well done, Die Krupps.  


Reviewed by Jim 1340

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