Generation Doom

Napalm Records


Release Date: April 15, 2016

Heavy Metal’s resident political activist, poet, musician, and advocate of the arts returns with her eighth album Generation Doom. The album is released by Napalm Records, making the band labelmates with Walls of Jericho, Katatonia, and American Head Charge among others. While this isn’t the type of album you would traditionally find on the label, it’s certainly going to expand their fanbase. While I haven’t been a huge fan of OTEP over the years, this album is pretty undeniable. The band rage with passion and fury on every single track and that makes it pretty infectious. 

The album kicks off with a whirlwind of heavy called “Zero” and it’s a prime example of what’s to come as OTEP screams and growls and shrieks and raps her way through a violent, offensive, giant middle finger to all who stand in her way. Musically the song alternates between a Nu Metal bounce and an Extreme Metal blast, creating a wildly confusing and entirely likeable sound. “God is a Gun” is another moment of destruction that reminds me quite a bit of the songs I really like a decade ago on Sevas Tra. “Generation Doom” is a further highlight here, burning with a Punk Rock fire without losing any of the malevolence of the overall album. It’s fast and brutal and has impeccable timing- I’m definitely stoked to hear this one played live. 

The only misstep here is the cover of Lorde’s “Royals.” It’s an excellent choice for the band and the song itself is fine, but it’s hard to shake the idea that musically it sounds uncomfortably similar to Marilyn Manson’s “This is the New Sh*t.” Other than that, this is probably the only OTEP album that I will listen to over and over without skipping any tracks. 

When we last left OTEP it seemed like maybe their time had come and gone as far as the general public was concerned. Generation Doom certainly has the opportunity to change all that. OTEP does everything right here- from the balance between the insanely heavy/chaotic and the hookier sides of the band to the superb production to OTEP herself’s intense vocal work. If you thought Nu Metal was dead, this album may make you rethink that and it will certainly remind you of the fury the genre once offered. 


Reviewed by mark1340


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