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Release Date: March 3, 2016

Spirit and the Bride (not the MCM Music goth band from years past) are a Hardcore band hailing from Cincinnati, OH. The band hearken back to the advent of the spirit-filled Hardcore movement of the nineties, bringing to mind bands like Focused, Strongarm, and early Zao for sure lyrically. Musically, the band have some very cool Post-Hardcore moments as well that remind me a bit of The Blamed. 

“Name Above All Names” is probably my favorite track here as the band blends the Hardcore and Post leanings together especially well. It’s dissonant and emotionally stirring, much like the very early Tooth and Nail roster albums. Machine gun riffs back up the screaming as the cymbals crash behind it all. “Abednego” is similar in structure, keeping up the street preacher motif. “All Flesh is Grass” is a little more straightforward musically for the most part, letting the riffs lay in place longer before breaking down into the machine gun staccato you’d expect and then offering  melodic, worshipful ending.

Overall, this is a pretty impressive debut. Have I heard this a thousand times before? Yep, I sure have. I loved the sound all those times too. While bands like For Today and As I Lay Dying embraced the Metalcore movement, Spirit and the Bride keep it bold lyrically and true to nineties Hardcore musically. If you are unfamiliar with the Christian Hardcore movement of the nineties but enjoy Shai Huld’s early (and latest) work and Brother’s Keeper then you should definitely check this out. 


Reviewed by mark1340


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