Teenage Creature

The End Records

Release Date: March 25, 2016

From NYC hails Rock and Roll revivalists Tournament. Although the this is my first experience with the band, they have apparently been terrorizing the United States since 2008 and have played at any backyard barbeque, parties, or DIY venue that would have them. The fuzz-laden Teenage Creature is the epitome of garage infused Rock and Roll bringing to mind everything from the MC5 to The Misfits to Rival Sons and The Answer.

What I immediately dug about this record is the production…or lack thereof. While it sounds like it was made in a recording studio, it’s not as slick as many of the band’s contemporaries records are. In fact, the only slick things on Teenage Creature are the riffs! “Accident Boys (Trouble)” is a prime example and my favorite track on the record. The Punk drumming drives the big, hooky riffs and the vocals just sort of slobber themselves all over the microphone like a young Iggy Pop on fire! It just oozes cool and is about as energetic a song as I have ever heard. 

The title track garage riffs its way to life as the album’s opening track. It’s more anthemic than some of the other songs and reminds me of early Alice Cooper, and maybe a little bit of The Misfits debut, but maintains a more raucous and riffy sound overall. The speedier and moodier “Detroit” is another highlight in my opinion. It races along, embracing the sound that put seventies Detroit on the map. It bounces with a Punk Rock fury but never lets go of the feedback-laden guitars and their bent, simplistic soloing. It’s classic man. Classic.

Overall, I totally dig this album. If you like the new wave of Rock and Roll revivalists (think Electric Citizen, The Other, Rival Sons, Scorpion Child, etc.) then you’ll find plenty to enjoy here. If you like the roots of those revivalist bands then you’ll find just as much energy and riffing and spastic joy here!

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