Walls of Jericho

No One Can Save You From Yourself

Napalm Records


Release Date: March 25, 2016

It’s been eight long years since Detroit’s Walls of Jericho took a long, deep breath. The band are, at last, emerging from that breath with No One Can Save You From Yourself. Simply put, this album will remind you of everything that was good about early metalcore. It’s inspirational, heavy as hell, thoughtful, and aggressive all at once. All the time. 

The album appropriately opens with muffled narration and the sound of sirens wailing before breaking into “Illusion of Safety.” The song has nearly everything you love about WoJ crammed into one track. It’s a great way to start, yet you could argue that it’s little generic at the same time. The title track destroys the possibility of  this becoming a generic album though as it rolls heavier into the band’s hardcore roots. It bounces and breaks down and makes you want to sing along while dancing in the pit. The staccato riffing and screaming vocals are damn near perfect on this one and the sludgy ending shows that the band aren’t afraid to expand a bit on their sound. 

“Fight the Good Fight” is my favorite track here. It’s got a bit of a brighter sound and Candace’s vocals are bit more hardcore here for the most part, which gives it a more anthemic feel overall. The guitars are all over the place but they do such a good job of letting the message keep the spotlight throughout the song. “Relentless” is another spectacular track that opens with people stating “I am relentless” over and over. The song declares “We will never stop! We’re Relentless!” and then builds into a circle pit worthy fist pumper. The album just rolls out track after track of immaculately timed hardcore and punk inspired rhythms beneath  metal riffing. God, I had forgotten how good this genre could be. 

Overall, this is unquestionably an early candidate for Album of the Year in my book. Do the band do anything drastically different than where they left off? Not really, but they don’t need to either. No One Can Save You From Yourself is a firm reminder that break or no break, few bands can touch Walls of Jericho. 


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