Devil on the Balcony

E One Music

Release Date: February 26, 2016

Brooklyn’s Coastgaard are certainly making a name for themselves among fans of classic and psychedelic Pop Rock. Devil on the Balcony is their sophomore effort, but they have seemingly forgotten that this record is traditionally a “slump.” Their fifties and sixties pop and surf rock tendencies are as smooth as any bands and hearken back to a time when music was pretty peaceful. 

While the vast majority of this album can be seen as highlights, “Old Casino” stands just a bit taller. With its echo splashed guitar and vocals, it has a bit more of a psychedelic feel than the other songs. It’s anchored down by a hooky chorus, though. There is a bit of meandering but the band never let it get too far from the mark. “Something Misty” is another highlight in my opinion. It’s sort of a hybrid of The Beach Boys surf elements and the Everly Brothers brilliant melodies. Despite, it’s gentle, flowing, musical feel, the lyrics manage to dig thoughtfully into relationships most of us have had in our own lives. The album’s opening track, “Ruminator,” is another favorite of mine. It’s got a bit more of the Indie Rock sound that I was expecting and it kicks off the album  with a gorgeous melody and a modern feel.

Overall, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to review this album. The band won me over easily on the very first spin, though. Coastgaard have a knack for bringing out the melody without putting you to sleep. The songs here flow seamlessly from one to another without blending together, despite the familiar sound. If you enjoy the genres mentioned earlier or just enjoy the current wave of poppy, thoughtful bands flying just under the mainstream radar then you need to check out Devil on a Balcony. It’s a hell of an album.


Reviewed by mark1340


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