Good Luck

The Sign Records

Release date:  April 1, 2016

Some bands bleed rock.  You can call them metal, punk, or hard rock, but the word that describes them best is rock.  Motorhead.  AC/DC.  Thin Lizzy.  These bands have been tucked into multiple genres, but the fact is that these are groups that define what rock n’ roll is.  Rebellious, deadly, guitar driven music that shoots from the crotch as much as the heart.  This is where Lizzies fit in.  The Spanish four piece create a muscular brand of rock that makes them the undisputed queens of metal.  Their sound will immediately bring to mind the gritty rockers already listed, as well as Iron Maiden and a few others.  Their debut full length, Good Luck, is a throwback to the best of hard rock and heavy metal gone by. 

Lizzie’s dedication to classic metal and riff rock is apparent from the first chords of the opening track.  “Phoenix” opens with an intro that is an homage to AC/DC’s “For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)” then moves into the kind of fast paced power chording and guitar harmonies a young Iron Maiden perfected.  “Viper” also brings to mind Maiden, along with a bit of pummeling, Motorhead power rock.  The band plays one rocker after another.  “8 Ball” hears vocalist Elena evoking a Glenn Danzig croon while the band, drummer Saray, nimble bassist Motorcycle Marina (just listen to her work on “Night In Tokyo” and be amazed), and guitarist Patricia, create a groove that could have been on an early Black Sabbath album.  There are no ballads on Good Luck, Just a lot of high intensity rock with a nod to the new wave of British heavy metal. 

It seems that in a world with too many rock genres to count, there is a lack of bands who just plain rock.  Lizzies are not here to bow to the genre of the month, they’re just here to pump out high octane songs and huge guitar riffs.  They have channeled the soul of rock n’ roll, and in doing so have resurrected the rebellious individuality that is the beating heart of all things heavy.  As long as the Lizzies are travelling the world, the flame of real rock n’ roll will continue to burn brightly. 

Reviewed by Jim 1340


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