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Release Date: January 29, 2016

If anyone has ever wondered what the Scorpions would sound like if they were to have formed today then Primal Fear is the answer to that question. Formed in Germany in 1997 by ex-Gamma Ray members Ralf Scheepers and Mat Sinner, Primal Fear gathered some of Germany’s best unsung metal players and set out to take on the world. Their debut album was recorded for JVC enterprises in 1998 and they haven’t stopped yet. Their newest release Rulebreaker is a no holds barred ride through Hell and back that is sure to make you come back again and again. Consisting of Ralf Sheepers on vocals, Mat Sinner on Bass, Magnus Karlsson, Alex Beyrodt, and Ton Naumann on guitars and Francesco Jovino on drums Primal Fear has definitely put together the cream of the crop of German metal musicians.

Starting off this album is “Angels of Mercy”.   Right out of the gate they start off heavy and powerful. The production throughout this album is spectacular and it allows all the members to shine. Ralf’s vocals are amazing and the songwriting is incredible.  Directly following the solo they go into a vocal chant which is entrancing and just adds so much depth to an already great song.  Following that is “The End is Near” and this song has not only the phenomenal work as mentioned already but it has some amazing grooves, solid rhythms, and impeccable guitar work.  This is definitely a standout track and no wonder they are in the top twenty in Germany already.

Next is “We Walk without Fear” which starts off with a creepy music box intro which morphs into an orchestral piece that is eerie and haunting.  From there it morphs into a brutal assault which will pound you into your seat and then slows down throughout the verse and lets you relax a little but then speed back up into a crushing chorus. This track could have easily been in a horror movie soundtrack.  Rounding this record out is “The Sky is Burning”.  This unexpected gem starts off with a beautiful acoustic guitar intro which goes throughout the verse and then builds back up into a powerful chorus.  This is very well written and just exemplifies what an earth moving ballad consists of.  The guitar solo in this is airy and exquisite and shows how great of a guitarist Magnus Karlsson really is.

Primal Fear has definitely served notice to the metal community that they aren’t taking any prisoners and they have all their guns blazing.  This is a pleasure to listen to and it has a home on my playlist for the foreseeable future.   In the song “The Sky is Burning” Ralf Scheepers asks the question “Will You Remember Me?”  I can honestly answer that by saying yes we will. All in all. this is a great album and a pleasurable listening experience.

Reviewed by Dave 1340


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