Resurrection Kings

Resurrection Kings

Frontiers Music

Release Date: January 29, 2016

For all of the basic, Just looking to cash in on their names super groups that come along, every now and then there’s one that’s actually very good. Such is the case with Resurrection Kings. Resurrection Kings consists of Chas West (Red Dragon Cartel, Tango Down) on Vocals, Craig Goldy (Dio, Giuffria, Roughcut, Dio Disciples) on Guitar, Sean McNabb (Dokken, Great White) on bass, and Vinny Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell) on drums. Honestly, with a line up like that how could you possibly go wrong!  Resurrection Kings came together while Vinny and Craig were playing sporadic shows as part of another super group Black Knights Rising. They enjoyed what they were doing and found Chas and Sean to round out the lineup and from there didn’t waste any time in writing and recording their first album. So in the same spirit, they had let’s check this out.

We start off with a solid rocker entitled “Distant Prayer”.   This track had an energetic feel and drive to it and definitely sets the bar for the rest of the album.  It is a great way to start the album.  Nest is one of the standout tracks “Livin out Loud”.  This is an off-kilter rock and roll gem that has an amazing feel and canter. Chas’s vocals are strong throughout and the rhythm section is as tight as can be.  Phenomenal track. “Wash Away” is a great example of how to add tempo and intensity changes successfully. It has an energetic intro and then backs down into a slower softer verse.  Then it builds back up into a full throttle chorus before hitting overdrive for the solo. This is another amazing track that only seasoned professionals could write and thankfully they did.

Next we have “Who do you Run To” Which is a mid-paced off-kilter rocker. This track is reminiscent of Dokken but with more gusto. Very well written and it is just a solid track all the way through. This is some great guitar work by Craig Goldy. I haven’t heard him sound this good in years. “Never Say Goodbye” has a nice piano and guitar intro which turns into an exceptional ballad. Craig Goldy’s guitar work on this is perfect. He accentuates the song with some tasty little fills and doesn’t overpower it at all. “Silent Wonder” has some very tight interplay between the instruments while maintaining one hell of a groove. Chas’s vocals are strong throughout this album and he sounds phenomenal on this track. 

All in all, this is an example of how musicians from different groups can come together and make something that’s worth listening to and not just a bunch of noise and ego’s flowing through the speakers.  You can tell they all had mutual respect for each other and worked together to create something memorable and to let each individual member shine without stepping on top of anyone. This was very well done Resurrection Kings. Thank You for the lesson on how a super group is supposed to be and for a pleasurable listening experience.


Reviewed by Dave 1340


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