Step Sisters



Release Date: February 26, 2016

Nashville’s Step Sisters make their debut with the Thick EP. I have to admit that when I agreed to do this, I had already pegged them (based on the EP cover and their promo pic) as part of the Rock and Roll Revivalist movement…which I love. Expecting to hear something similar to Rival Sons or Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, I was surprised at the heavy Alternative Rock edge of Step Sisters. The band wail their way through this EP, exhibiting more likely influence from Scattered Few, Nada Surf, and Nirvana then Paige & Plant. 

The musicianship here is really exciting to me. Everything comes across sounding huge as the band dynamically offer heavy doses of both melancholy and angst. “Your Picture” is the best representation of this amalgamation with its dirty pop bass drive and screamy, grunge-laden vocals. “Witness,” on the other hand, has a much brighter musical feel while the vocals tread Goth paths reminiscent of 70’s Bowie and Allan Aguirre’s Spy Glass Blue albums. The two blend together really damn well to create this sort of spacey, angst-ridden rocker. The first single, “Vox Pop” has a nice feel to it as well. It’s driven along by the rhythm section and has a super-catchy chorus that reveals a probable love of The Ramones.

Is it easy to pick out the sound of other bands here? Sure. The fact is, though, if you like any of those other bands then you’ll likely love the Thick EP. Step Sisters are proof positive that Nashville has an underbelly of great music that isn’t related at all to the Country or CCM markets. 

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