Billion Dollar Babies

Chemical God

Metalville Records

Release Date: February 5, 2016

Sweden’s Billion Dollar Babies may be new to me, but they certainly aren’t new to European Hard Rock fans. Having formed a decade ago and having played hundreds of shows, the band are apparently regarded as one of Sweden’s most explosive live acts. Their latest album, Chemical God, was recorded with producer Rikard Lofgren (Enforcer, Sister Sin) and was largely recorded in a live setting.

The semi-title track is a highlight here with its bombastic choruses and street-wise lyrical sense. It kind of marches along with a classic stadium feel. “Why Don’t You Put Up a Fight” is another one of the album’s best moments with its electro-laden Rock and Roll sound and slow build. It’s a bit more dynamic than a lot of the other songs and it’s got a big Pop hook that really grabs you. “The Man I Am” is a stripped down rocker that has rawer, angrier guitars and a is a bit less produced overall. It gives it a “mean streets of L.A.” kinda feel that separates it from the other tunes. Of course, the album’s opener, “I Want to See You Burn” is no slouch either. The guitar riffs set it off like a Metallica album before it settles into the Hard Rock sound that will dominate the album. There are quite a few electronic touches throughout the album that help make the songs memorable as well, even bordering on industrial at times.

I’m pretty shocked (and a bit disappointed in myself) that I haven’t even heard this band’s name before. You see Chemical God is a big ole slab of Hard Rock with nods to the seedy underbelly of the late eighties and early nineties scene, without ever fully going to those places. The guitar solo in “One,” for example, explodes onto and then overtakes center stage in a way that reminds me of Slash’s classic axework. Meanwhile, “President Payne”  and “Everyone’s In Love With a  Chemical God” are both heavier than Extreme’s Pornograffiti material but it sure brings those classics to mind.

If you love the darker side of bands like Guns N’ Roses, Michael Monroe, Extreme, or Alice Cooper then you need to check out Billion Dollar Babies’ Chemical God.


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