Blood Red Saints


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Release date: December 4, 2015

In the same way, that the Blood Red Saints from the 1920’s lived life fast and left it all on the table so do the Blood Red Saints of today.  Of course, the Blood Red Saints of the 1920’s were a racing team led by the Icon Freddie Rendetti and the Blood Red Saints of today are one hell of a rock band that hits you hard and doesn’t let up. The Blood Red Saints are made up of Rob Naylor on Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals (formerly of Angels or Kings and Sam Thunder), Pete Newdeck on Drums and Backing Vocals (formerly of Eden’s Curse and In Faith, Currently the vocalist for Tainted Nation), Lee Revill on Guitars and Backing Vocals (formerly of Gary Hughes), Pete Godfrey on Vocals (formerly of In Faith) and Irvin Parratt on Keys and Backing Vocals (formerly of Lost Weekend and Rage of Angels).  Formed in 2014 by Pete and Rob who were looking for a band, and not just a project. What they achieved is so very evident on their Frontier Records release Speedway.  From the very first track to the last they remind you of what a feel good rock and roll album is all about.

Starting off this album is the straight forward rocker “Kickin up Dust”.  This track has a feel and a sound very reminiscent of Motley Crue and is a very strong and will definitely grab your attention. All of the musicians are given ample space to shine and they shine very bright and it’s only the beginning.  This is just a great way to open an album and they don’t let you down throughout the rest of the disc. Next is “Mercy” which they show some of their versatility by starting off strong but then going very soft and pretty for the verses and building through the pre-chorus and again kickin' the throttle to full for the chorus. This was wonderfully written and again it is a fantastic mix throughout.  Now it has already been established they can write one hell of a rocker but can they show a different side and honestly their ballads are the ear candy of this album. “Love set me up Again” is very soulful and has an amazing storyline. All of the instrumentation is beautiful and the guitar solo is absolutely gorgeous and just sings with a clarity and feel that isn’t prevalent anymore.  This one was thoroughly enjoyable and is one of my favorite tracks.

The next track “Better Days” has a building intro reminiscent of Europe meets Def Leppard and is full of some great hooks.  This was very well written and the power behind these tracks amazes me.  Coming out of this track you hear the keyboard and vocal harmony opener for “The Best Thing”.   This has an amazing mid-paced groove that is tight and is guaranteed to get your feet tapping.  I can see this being a “first dance” for newlywed couples for decades to come. Now to jump to the album closer most bands seem to want to go out with a bang but the Blood Red Saints opted to go a different way and close with their most elegant piece “Faith”. This song is a very open and airy piano and vocal arrangement that does not let you down. Pete Godfrey’s vocals are great throughout this album but on this track, he ascends to the upper echelon and bares his soul for all to see.  This is and absolutely beautiful track and was the perfect choice to close out this album because it definitely leaves you wanting more.  My hat is tipped to you guys, very well done. 

For anyone looking for just a great album to enjoy while sitting back and hanging with some friends or at a bar-b-cue this is that album. The Blood Red Saints-Speedway is an all-around great album and will not disappoint on any level.   There is something on this album for any and everyone so no one will leave feeling left out after hearing this.  But hey, don’t take my word for it, give them a listen for yourselves and see if I’m right. After all, what have you got to lose by listening to this album, absolutely nothing. However not giving it a listen you definitely have the chance to miss a great album.


Reviewed by Dave 1340


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