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Release Date: January 29th, 2016

Whether you love it or hate it, the UK have a unique breed of Metalcore bands clawing their way to your full attention (not entirely unlike how the Gothenburg sound emerged as global phenomenon). One of it’s finest protagonists is Bury Tomorrow, who will be releasing their fourth album, Earthbound, this month.

I’m a big fan of big soaring choruses and Earthbound has that in spades. “Last Light” is my personal highlight here. It’s got an aggressive march to the riffs that pushes it along into an explosive chorus that makes you want to put your fist in the air and sing along. During the clean chorus, the drumming is absolutely phenomenal. Although a bit quiet in the mix, it makes my limbs sore just listening to it. 

“Cemetery” is another standout track. The clean vocals take a more haunting route as they trade off with brutal Metalcore riffs lain beneath melodic lead guitar work. It’s that clean chorus again that takes the song from good to great showing the band’s near-expert use of both the aggressive and the beautiful aspects of the genre. “For Us” has an almost Gothenburg sound to it musically, but separated from it by distinctive grunts. It’s got a real positive vibe that will certainly resonate with listeners looking for their place in the world. It’s an anthem for the metal misfits and the genre would do well to get back to more of this kind of thing. 

At this point Bury Tomorrow continue to refine their sound, having found their stride on their last album Runes. All the Metalcore essentials are here: growling voices, soaring choruses, insane riffing, hardcore bounces, and plenty of attitude. The band  manage to find that oh-so-delicate balance between interesting and boring here, though, in no small part due to the very musical nature of Earthbound overall. The riffs certainly grab you, but they don’t rely solely on them to carry the songs.

Fans of Killswitch Engage, Of Mice and Men, and Asking Alexandria will probably dig this the most, but there is plenty for any fan of heavy music to enjoy throughout Earthbound. 


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