Jim Florentine & Don Jamieson

Terrorizing Telemarketers Volume 6

Metal Blade Records


Release date:  December 4, 2015

Stand-up comedians and hosts of VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show have returned with their sixth installment of their Terrorizing Telemarketers series, and if you thought the duo’s phone antics would lose their luster, you’ve got another thing coming.  Jim Florentine honed his prank call skills on Comedy Central’s Crank Yankers, and his Don Jamieson, a respected jokesmith in his own right, has long been his partner in crime.  Together the two cook up some hilarious scenarios that leave unsuspecting telemarketers experiencing the worst days of their career.  

All tracks on Terrorizing Telemarketers Volume 6 include both comedians on the phone creating absurd and complicated scenarios that are, by and large, hilarious.  “House Alarm” sees the two arguing over where to hide the alarm code for a proposed burglar alarm to.  On “Mailbox” Florentine and Jameison create an infuriating conversation about placing a mailbox in another state to receive services not available at the customer’s residence, and manage to piss off not only the caller but get the call escalated to a manager for even more fun.  “Who Me?” and “Mulejuice” create an almost “who’s on first” situation while the caller struggles to understand which individual he is communicating with. Despite the similarity both tracks are funny, and nearly all of the gags presented work well. 

Even though most of the bits on this collection are gold, some work better than others.  “Duece” quickly grows dull, as the two talk about different embarrassing bowel movement issues with an obviously uninterested caller.  Despite a few slow moments (and they are very few), the majority of these tracks are laugh out loud, shoot milk out of your nose funny.  Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson continue to be the kings of the prank call, and their reign shows no sign of ending any time soon.  


Reviewed by Jim 1340


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