Ben Millburn

Strange Love and Consequence


Release Date: December 11, 2015

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Ben Millburn brings an honest and authentic approach with him on his EP entitled Strange Love and Consequence. This EP features four tracks of upbeat rock and roll that falls somewhere between Elvis Costello and Jeff Buckley, with a twinge of stoner rock. There are plenty of distorted guitars while cymbals and toms are used without reserve.
The opening track "Don't You Wait" features chords that ring out while the drums are pounded with enthusiasm. Millburn's voice is about as genuine as it gets. There are background vocals that fill out the sound nicely while Millburn moves through the arrangement with ease. The song continues for the full 3:57 with plenty of hooks and sounds while the ringing chords are a constant theme. The chorus is unmistakable and bright while the transition back to the verse is smooth.
The EP's third song, "Dizzy", features an upbeat rhythm and powerful guitars that continue along the same lines as the rest of the EP. The track opens with a memorable lead followed by a catchy verse and chorus, and thick distorted guitars help fill out the sound. The song proceeds to build as it goes on to end with a surprising arrangement.
The EP's cover art hints at a stoner vibe that is very present in the music. It is refreshing to hear this laid back style accompanied by an alternative rock feel that doesn't seem forced. The music is not lazy, as there are plenty of vocal and musical chops on display. Millburn's voice is perfect for the sound he is going for.
Strange Love and Consequence is the first of a two part EP. The sound is big and atmospheric while the songwriting is simple enough to be termed pop. Millburn's style should earn him a solid fan base within a very distinct genre.
Reviewed by James 1340

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