Under the Same Sky


Release Date: December 14, 2015

Poland’s Neuronia return with their third full-length record, Under the Same Sky. While the band is certainly rooted in the early days of thrash, their music transcends it by offering a progressive element alongside the thrash-core. When listening, bands like Sadus, Heathen, and, most certainly, Voivod all come to mind here, as do Pestilence and System of a Down (especially on “Imminent Slaughter of Irrational Sh*theads”) . 

Under the Same Sky is a bit of a deceiver. It’s easy to listen to it and enjoy it just as a solid metal album. However, if you crank that sucker up and really pay attention you’ll find something extremely unique. “Forest Fury” is a good example. The song is all set up for vocals with intricate guitar work trading space with a groovier, nearly bass driven part, but the band defy convention and keep it both instrumental and interesting. The title track rolls out like a tank, blending small bits of nineties Hardcore (chorus) with Melodic Death Metal (overall sound) and Progressive Thrash (here comes the Voivod comparison again!). The best part is that they don’t get lost in any of it and the songs come across crystal clear and heavy as hell. To counter it all, “An Elegy” leans on the melody a bit more and features mostly clean singing. It’s easily one of the album’s finest moments.

Overall, this is a powerhouse album. It reminds me of the early days of Century Media and Nuclear Blast, a time when the “European” sound was just coming into its own. If you are looking for a band that sounds both unique and familiar and enjoy any of the bands mentioned earlier then you should check out Under the Same Sky!


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