Jane Getter Premonition


Madfish Records

Release Date: October 2nd, 2015

Jane Getter Premonition is the new band led by, well, Jane Getter. While this is her first release under a band moniker, she has three releases under her name over the last 20 years. While that’s not quite a prolific catalog, it is a well-respected one. The JGP includes Adam Holzman on keyboards and Chad Wackerman on percussion, as well as guest spots from Alex Skolnick (Testament), Corey Glover (Living Colour), and Theo Travis rockin’ the woodwinds.

Musically this falls somewhere between Prog Rock and Jazz. It’s very musical, seemingly freeform, but isn’t afraid to get heavy here and there, not entirely unlike a band like King Crimson or  the lesser known Gentle Giant. Both come to mind fairly often throughout On. Animals as Leaders and Beardfish come to mind here and there as well.

“Train Man” is one of my favorite tracks here. This is one of those songs that isn’t afraid to get a little heavy, and that heavy groove really pulls you in. Glover’s vocals are sparse but commanding and the soloing is out of this freakin’ world. “Where Somewhere” is a much odder listen, and much proggier than some of the other tunes. It’s gentle, almost haunting sound makes me wonder what it would be like to float around aimlessly in space. It’s fairly Floydian, but it manages to stay out of copycat territory thanks in large part to it’s Jazzy guitar bits and heavy interlude.

All in all, this album isn’t for background music aficionados. If Billy Joel is your main thing, then you’ll likely hate this. If you enjoy any of the bands previously mentioned or music that is both mathematical and emotional (without being too much of either), then you should give On  a go. I’m not completely enamored with this style of music but there was still plenty here to pique my interest and, in fact, I dig it quite a bit.

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